About Us

About Your Next Vacation Rental

Welcome to Birtle Rentals,  which has been awarded super hostess designation on Air BnB.  I am your host Pamela Swanson, I have been in Birtle for over 25 years.  My husband and I have a this rental business as well as a gravel construction business and a farming operation.  We have a spoiled dog that accompanies us on our daily adventures, either lying in the office, crop checking, riding in the loader doing snow clearing or checking out construction job sites.
I recently developed a jewellery business to add to our business ventures, Lux Jewellers. The jewellery is a premium fashion jewellery with genuine stones at great prices.
My jewellery collections can be seen on-line or by appointment at my jewellery studio. Add me as a friend on Facebook or follow me in Instagram.